Sunday, May 23, 2004

Blogging and RSS and Aggregators, Oh My!

It's a new world.

I've always been a fan of text-based news services. Here in the UK we've had what's know as teletext for quite a while on all of the major TV channels. The advent of digital TV has boosted that to a new 'interactive' level, but the text is what has always been most interesting. Now I find that RSS feeds are out there, and I can combine headlines and articles from any number of news organisations with the highly specialised content a general news service would never carry. RSS, more than any other technology really does seem to allow you to design your own electronic newspaper. Aggregators seem to have a little way to go before they are ready for non-technical users. For more on that see Jon Udell's site and Bloggercon.

There seem to be few real how-to documents for people looking at setting up a blog for the first time. The terminology is a great hurdle.

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