Monday, February 10, 2003

A day doesn't always go the way you think.

Spent a lot of time archiving emails into zip files. Got an automated process up and running to collect the files and zip them overnight. Use the freeware version of zip from over at info-zip.

Restores went faster than I'd anticipated. Maybe Thursday's switch-over will be smother than I'd first thought.

Found out I'll have to go for active-passive clustering on Exchange2k, in order to support the potential concurrant MAPI connections we'll need.

Worked on integrating Sunrise with Active Directory. As Sunrise has no published scripting API, I'm using SendKeys. Works quite well, and may remove the need for the Sunrise contact database.

Thinking about the home XP upgrade, I find I have 20Gb of data on C:\. Not an easy backup job.

Must think of a way to compose this stuff offline, then post.

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